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A message from the founder.



We offer a limited number of programs each year for full ordination and lay ordination to those who may not be ready or able to fully commit themselves and their lives to a full time ministry. There is ample room for both. These programs are open to men only and proof of sex will be required for candidacy. A background check will be performed but do not be alarmed. There many factors that makes up our decision as to your acceptance as a candidate into the ministry. There is also a non-refundable $85.00 application fee which must be submitted with the application to be mailed in. The mail in application will be sent to you after we review your initial on line application.

The full ordination course will take on the average two years to complete if accepted and the cost is nominal. We caution prospective candidates however that we are not a diploma mill and normally  accept only a few candidates a year for full ordination. The purpose of our ordination program is to place pastors who have been called as Ambassadors for Christ to serve His needs in remote or bush areas of where they curently reside.

Prior Pastoral Experience

If you have been ordained in the past and have served for any length of time we will take that into consideration. If qualified, we will issue our Certificate of License and appropriate identification showing your appointment to the Ministry. There is a small administration fee for this service. If you are a heterosexual male and have prior experience as an ordained Minister, please submit your questions to the Ordination Committee at the email link above. Fully outline your background both religious and secular for consideration.




  Please fill out an initial on-line application by clicking on: Ordination Candidate Application




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